Thursday, April 28, 2011

My sEMesTEr 4 with SCCT 3153

SCCT 3153 is a code of ELECTRONIC ADVERTISING paper in UUM.

I am taking this paper in my semester 4, 2011.

during last class, 
my lecturer was asking us to wrote a blog is about : 
"what do you learn from this advertising class throughout the semester?"

sounds heard like quiet tough, 
how to memorize what i learn... 
haha... try try ya^^"

still remember the situation of the 1st class that i attended,
our lecturer was asking the marketing students.
"why do you choose this paper, even it is not compulsory to be taken."
"are you sure you don’t want to drop this paper?" (something like that...)
the answer from us is : NO!!!!

as a marketing student, i was feel shock!!
huh??? how come the lecturer will asked these kind of questions??
honestly, i was the 1st time meet this kind of lecturer.
thus, the 1st expression for me is, this lecturer are so cute!!!
sure i will gain interest from her^^ (as well won’t feel sleepy during the lecture)

from this electronic advertising class,
i know i had learn a lot which are out of  the story inside our textbook.
i know what is the actual advertising means…
i know how to choose the most suitable media…
i know what make great advertising…
and ……………………………..
these are the all I had new learned in this advertising class.

Besides, the most I like is when lecturer asked us to create a blog^^


How come I was so excited?? Because…. >> I love to blog <<

I have my own blogspot… and I use to blogging all the time^^

I feel that blog is a good place to write down our emotion, our attitude…

No matter happiness or sadness…

The thing to be glad is :

lecturer uses this way to substitute our assignment…

therefore, we no need to do another formal individual assignment^^ hehe~~

in my mind set, assignment are totally quiet hard and waste time than blogging^^

and lastly…

I wish to say a very thank you to my lecturer, PUAN NURIN…

Thanks for bringing me so much knowledge…

May your dreams and wishes come true^^

Best regards by TAN KE XIN 196921

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Learning Process in Electronic Advertisement class 2011

I am a student of marketing course. I choose Electronic Advertisement as my elective program paper because I planned and hope to learn deeply about the advertisement. Although in most of the marketing subject such as Integrate Marketing Communication (IMC) and others had been teaches about what is advertisement but those didn’t mention deeply such as how an advertisement been create, how an advertisement related to marketing, who will take part in the process of creating an advertisement and what medium should be use, placed and others to fulfill the audience need and sponsor need. Marketing paper just stated in a general form while this course can increase my knowledge about advertisement.

In the process learning of the Electronic Advertisement, I found that it is very interesting. In fact, advertiser is the people who want to advertise the advertisement and the advertisement agencies is the people who help the advertiser to create the advertisement. But before this, I thought that advertiser was the people who created the advertisement and advertiser is same meaning with the advertisement agencies.

Besides than that, in Electronic Advertisement class gave me knowledge about advantages of magazine and newspaper. Because of the good presentation from Puan Nurin and she gave us a lot of example, so it make me more memorable. The advantages of this make me felt confident to answer the question from IMC lecture. He asks me “why I choose newspaper and magazine as the main media to present the advertisement”. I answer the question on the spot with stated out the advantages of newspaper and magazine. Later, IMC lecture praise me because my answer are very good. I feel that the knowledge from Electronic Advertisement is very useful.

After attended the Electronic Advertisement class, I become more sensitive to the advertisement that I pass by. For example, when I pass by the dkg1, there is a lot of sign board. Then I will stop my pace and look at the sign board there. In my mind, I will critic it base on the method of message strategy because message in the sign board play an important role to influence a person interesting and understanding.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Puan Nurin because she gave me the knowledge there are very valuable and help me become a knowledgeable. Besides that, I am very appreciating her help because when I faced some problem in the assignment, I went to asked her the question and she will always prepare to answer my question. Thank you.