Monday, March 28, 2011

BLOG 2 : Perceptual Mapping

Perceptual mapping 
~ help the organization identify a positioning strategy for the product or service. 

Below is a very basic perceptual map. 

With plotting the car market, 
it could be ease for us to identify the category of luxury and high price brands. 

BMW and Mercedes are plotted as luxury and high price category. 

Meanwhile, Proton and Perodua were plotted in poverty and low price category. 

Other than that, 
Honda and Toyota are located at luxury category however the prices are cheaper than others. 

Lastly, Suzuki, Hyundai and Mitsubishi are labeled as poverty category but the prices are seems to be high.

**The perceptual map is plotted on the basis of ours perception.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What is the product that I use every day in my life and may not getting out without it??

There have a lot of products that are needed for me in my life. 

Here, I will choose Hair Shampoo as my daily product…

Why do I say so?? 

This is because i have a rebonding and dyed hair,
in order to not let go in poor,
so JS hair shampoo become the most important part
in my life to protect my hair... 


What is JS hair shampoo?? How come it can affect me to use it every day?? 
But not others brand?? 
Lets me briefly explain about the JS hair shampoo here…

The name of the shampoo that I use is 

It is mainly use for dull hair, coloured hair, damaged hair & dense hair.

This unique gentle shampoo with its exceptional conditioning properties, 
increases moisture to repair chemical treated and damaged hair. 

These important nutrients are needed to enhance growth and 
replace lost body texture and moisture.

Nowadays, I cant even switch to any other kinds of hair shampoo… 
I am too relying on it… 
My hair will not be able to accept another brand… 

Remember once upon a time, due to the lack of stock, 
I try to use another brand for cleansing my hair. 

But then after came back to UUM, 
Oh My God!!! 
My hair is look like so sick and terrible… 

The dandruffs are seems like to visit UUM as well, 
and I am feels so itching on my head… 

After this case happened, I swear… 

I will not use on another brand anymore… 

I will stay loyalty with my lovely brand, 
JS hair shampoo and continue on it... 
the end of the day… ^^

Monday, March 14, 2011

Anlene Chocolate milk

Anlene Chocolate milk    
        I can’t miss is a cup of Anlene Chocolate milk when I having my breakfast every day. Before that, I didn’t mind to have any others brand of beverage but now I just will selected Anlene Chocolate as my first choice and last choice when I having my breakfast. Now, I can’t switch to another brand anymore because the favor and taste of others brand make me gorge rise.

Yummy Yummy ^^ Milk Chocolate 

         Once a time, I didn’t take my breakfast and directly go to the class. After finish class, I am trying to find Anlene Coklat milk to drink. Unfortunately, I just can find Dutch Lady Milk only and the favor that has sold at the store just left one favor that is Dutch lady Low Fat Milk. I can’t miss a cup of milk in day so I purchase the  Dutch lady Low Fat Milk to replace my Anlene Chocolate milk for that day. After purchasing, I started to drink. At the beginning, I try to accept the taste but when I continue to drink it, it makes me gorge rise. Immediately, I throw the box of Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk in the dustbin and directly go to the toilet. The whole day of that time, I lose my appetite. When I reach my room, first thing that I do is having a cup of Anlene Chocolate milk even that time was evening. I swear I didn’t want to buy any others brand of beverage beside Anlene Coklat milk.

          I want to mention here about that I don’t will drink Anlene Original milk and Anlene Cream milk even it is same brand with Anlene Chocolate milk. Chocolate is the main reason that I buy it. Why I didn’t buy Dutch Lady Chocolate or others brand that has chocolate favor? For me, the favor of Anlene Chocolate milk is unique, it can’t be replacement by others brand. Anlene Chocolate milk is tasty and less sweet don’t like others might too sweet for me. Its chocolate powder is taste like the Berly’s chocolate. I like Beryl’s chocolate much. The price of Beryl’s chocolate is expensive for me but I hope that I can eat that everyday so I select Anlene Chocolate milk to fulfill my want with Beryl’s chocolate. Before long, I fall in love with Anlene Chocolate milk even those I have Beryl’s chocolate in hand.